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Saturday, September 3, 2011

The Hip-Hop Van

A friend of mine had "Where is the Love?" by BEP stuck in her head, so I looked up the video on YouTube and realized it was yet another hip-hop video with the group rolling around in a van! I decided to do a mini-compilation of all (3) hip-hop videos I know of where a van plays a prominent role, and discovered an even more interesting trend, that it seems a prerequisite to having a van in your video is to have the word 'Black' in your group's name.

So let's get started with a classic single from 1991 by Black Sheep, "Flavor of the Month". Be sure to blast this, because the beat is BANGIN'! True school realness right here, and I especially love the little dancing girl; she's so cool!

Moving on to the obvious choice, we have "Definition" by Blackstar. Best part of the video: when they get pulled over (was this staged or real?) and the officer asks "Are you deaf?" and Mos Def replies "No, he's Hi-Tek" lol

And now finally, of course Black Eyed Peas "Where is the Love?"

Please comment if you can think of any other hip-hop videos with the crew rolling around in a van! The older the better, as now I am on a quest to find the original van video! Which reminds me, didn't A Tribe Called Quest have a video with Ali Shaheed playing his turntables from the back of a moving truck? But that doesn't count; it needs to be a van. :)

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