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Thursday, September 1, 2011

Firefox is annoying

It is upsetting how Mozilla Firefox thinks it needs to jump on the bandwagon of impressive looking version numbers. I remember when IE tried doing this to look more advanced than Netscape; IE was suddenly 5 and then 6 while Navigator was 4.5. Of course Navigator was much better, as IE was based on Mosaic, but the absurd thing is that people really fall for it. They are easily brainwashed and influenced by update numbers. Case in point, the recent update of FF to 5 was received with fanfare in the comments regarding the version number, people stating "haha we'll show them...we're more updated." But it's just a name! It's still just as bad as 4, as it's more like 4.1, and deserves to be replaced with a downgrade back to usable, light FF 3.x.

At first, I thought that the new number (5) was some scam by a hacker, haha. Too bad it wasn't. Firefox saddens me because it has abandoned it's niche in the market. For people who want a flashy browser with no ability to control, just to surf, they can use Chrome. For people who want a powerful but resource light, highly usable browser, they can use FF. But now there is no option for users of the second category, other than using older versions of FF. I agree with the consensus that FF 3.x was the last great FireFox.

Just as an example of how great the previous versions of FF were, I use FF, the last version before 3, on a 400MHz Win 98SE machine! This version was the modern version in the fairly recent year of 2008. It was meant to take advantage of multi-gigahertz machines running Vista, and yet is resource light enough to be a great browser on this vintage machine from 1999.

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