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Thursday, April 17, 2008


I've received inquiries into this style of music I dig that used to be called Acid Jazz, so perhaps I shall share a few videos from my favorite British funk-jazz band, Incognito. Incognito was on Gilles Peterson's Talkin' Loud label, the man who coined the term Acid Jazz, and thus Incognito is pretty representative of one aspect of the Acid Jazz sound:

Here is the Roger Sanchez deep house remix of Givin' it Up with Maysa Leak on vocals:

A house remix of Out of the Storm (so soulful!!!! nice hand percussion):

A deep house remix of Always There with a special guest, the legendary Jocelyn Brown, on vocals. Song originally by Ronnie Laws, covered by Side Effect, covered again by Incognito, and remixed by David Morales:

Back to Maysa Leak on vocals, here's Marrakesh, quite possibly my favorite Incognito song, straight with no remix:

Enjoy the groove!


P*ter Funk said...

So how do I post videos?

Naco said...

Mmmm...me love acid jazz. Just steal the link off Youtube or whatever and paste it into the composition part of the "New Post." Oh, and P.S. Can I get my sleeping bag back sometime? Thanks :)

Naco said...

ok, so i'm pretty sure its time for a new post! or will that include our LA taggin' trip???

ObeyThePurebreed said...

chairman meow enjoyed the funk, thank you!