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Thursday, September 1, 2011

Obama and Racism?

Yesterday I was asked if I was racist because I was wearing an "Obamunism" T-shirt. It's really scary that many of Obama's devout minions will not allow free thought that challenges their claims. This middle-aged Caucasian male was attacking my political point-of-view with unrelated material. Suddenly it is EVIL to challenge the authority. With Bush, it was ILLEGAL to challenge the government, but now it is EVIL and it is enforced by the people. Never mind a police state; we're enslaving each other. This will make it very easy for the Illuminati to carry out their plan of world domination.

Not to mention that the logo on my shirt could go either way; ironically I originally bought the shirt in favor of Obama, but now that I've learned more about the truth behind his administration, I wear it in opposition.

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